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The Harmony Of One

By:Celia Fenn channelling Archangel Michael
Date: Mon,05 Jan 2009

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As we enter into this new year of 2009, with its powerful new energies, we are facing many challenges. The old "dream" is breaking down and the new dream of Peace and Harmony seems to be not yet manifest! So, many people are experiencing anxiety and stress, often on very deep levels that they do not fully understand. So, while we are standing on the brink of great and miraculous changes for our Planet, we are also dealing with very stressful energies on a day to day basis. As I work with the Archangel Michael energy, I have been asked to convey to the "Starchild" readers this information for their discernment at this time. As the Michael energy has emphasized in the January 2009 message, now is the time for each one of us to embrace our Master energy and to accept only what feels right to us in our hearts, and so I hope that you will read this information with this discernment.
In the "Beginning"....the "Dream Machine" and the "Giza Insert"
By now, we have pretty much all come to accept that "reality" as we know it is a "hologram". That is, a structure of light and sound energies and patterns. Our consciousness interacts within this structure or "dream" and we become part of the reality. When we were "younger" in time, we knew this and we were strongly connected to our "higher selves" who projected the "dream" from the higher dimensional levels so that we could "play" in the Garden of Eden, as it were. And so, the Planet evolved through different types and kinds of civilizations and physical/etheric bodies, as the dream played out. But, it was generally a good dream, based on the "Law of One", the Sacred Higher Truth that All was One in Spirit and that separation was an illusion of the Dream and had no reality.
After the fall of the Atlantean civilization, as humans began to move away from the Law of One and into greed and control and duality, those who remained of that broken civilization set up the Temple Structures at Giza in Egypt. They were still powerful and wise, and they chose this space because it was geometrically a good place to have a "Dream Machine". For that is what the Pyramid complex at Giza became. It was a Stargate or Portal from which the Holographic Dream of reality on the Earth could be centered and "spun out" to become the fabric of reality. This was done through creating a class of "priests" who were the "keepers" of the Sacred Stories or Archetypes upon which creation was grounded. In the Reality of the Law of One, these stories told of the Creation of the Earth through the Complementary energies and powers of the Masculine and Feminine aspects of the Source.
The Giza Complex at that time was very different to what it is today. At that time, it was indeed "Heaven's Mirror", an Earthly depiction of the "Lion's Gate", that Stargate or Portal through which the Cosmic energy poured and was harnessed into the Giza "Dream Machine" or Holographic Projector, which would spin out the dreams into reality. In those days, the Pyramids were covered in white marble and capped with capstones of pure gold that would transmit the highest frequencies of the Cosmic energies to the priests or the Pharaohs, who would dream the energy into reality within the inner chamber of the Pyramid. The pyramids were never burial chambers, but sacred chambers where the High Initiates would enter the Dream World to co-create with the Archetypal energies.
But, already the Law of One had broken down, for people had become accustomed to giving away their power to a class of Priests and Priestesses who undertook to speak with the Higher Energies on behalf of the people. The seeds of this practice had begun in Lemuria and Atlantis, and while much good was achieved through this, it also meant that people became used to giving up their own connection with Source and allowing others to create that connection through the stories that they would spin out in their official capacity as priests and priestesses in the Temples. And, after a while, this practice became linked with power and greed and corruption in the priestly classes, until the Law of One was lost and the whole "dream" dropped from the higher frequencies into the lower frequencies of Duality and Violence and Enslavement. And so the "Dream Machine" at Giza became the "transmitter" for the Law of Duality rather than the Law of One. And, over the centuries, the Law of Duality became the dominant law on the Earth and the Law of One was lost.
This was achieved by skilful manipulation of the "dream" by inserting a "story" into the hologram that was not "truth" of the Law of One. It was close enough to seem truth, but it distorted that truth. And that was the Story of Isis and Osiris and the birth of the Warrior Child, Heru or Horus. While Isis and Osiris were representations of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies, the "insert" story about them that entered the Egyptian consciousness and became the foundation for a "belief system" of great power, introduced the idea of Duality. In this story of supposed archetypal energies, Osiris is killed by his "evil" brother "Set" and his body is dismembered and scattered. His wife, Isis, has to recover the pieces, and by using her "magic" manages to reassemble the body and miraculously conceive the warrior child Horus. When he grows to maturity, Horus the supposed warrior of Light seeks out his evil uncle and kills him after a fierce battle, and so, supposedly, Light is restored. Unfortunately, what this "insert" did was to introduce the ideas of duality, two forces of good and evil, at war with each other. The center of the story is the Male Warrior energy whose purpose is to fight and kill to "defend" the Light, and the Feminine energy is reduced to the role of "mother". And so...these energies are still playing out, most powerfully in those areas that surround the Giza "Dream Machine".
The question seems to be, is the Giza complex still transmitting this "dream". According to Archangel Michael, no it is not, despite efforts by some to reactivate the power of the complex. The energy has long departed. But, the "insert" has entered into the "dream" on the lower frequencies where it continues to be the archetypal underpinning of the Law of Duality on the Planet, and most strongly at that place where it was born, the Egypt/Palestine area. The three dominant religions that sprang from that area, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, share their "roots" in the stories and "dreams" of the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian priesthoods. In the last days of December 2008, a powerful surge of Christ Light or Law of One energy went through the New Earth grids to activate the next level of the return to the Higher Dimensions of the Harmony of One in preparation for major changes on the Earth. But, what also happened, is that the energy surge moved through the remains of the fast disintegrating old dream of Duality, and that surge was all that was needed to create another war, another outbreak of "male warriors" defending the "light". And interestingly enough, right in that place where the original insert was added to the "dream" to create duality and control through violence.
It was interesting to me that a few days before I started this piece I saw a movie called "In the Valley of Elah" which was made about a year ago, and is about the Iraq war and the involvement of the USA and its troops. The "Valley of Elah" is the place where David and Goliath faced each other as the Palestinian and Jewish armies camped on opposite sides of the Valley. In the story of the Movie, a returning American soldier is murdered by his "brother" soldiers and his body is dismembered.....what an echo! The "out of control" male warrior energy is seen to be part of this new American society, that has been pulled into the conflict of the "Valley of Elah". How powerful this old "insert", still playing out the duality archetypes of the Male Warrior defending the one side of duality against the other.
The Giza Insert and the Story of the Christ
Well, as humanity continued to evolve on Planet Earth, the power of the "insert" continued to fuel those who wanted power and control over others, even to the point where those who were incarnated to hold Light and Truth and to bring new patterns of Being to the Planet were affected by the energy of the distortion. This is what happened in the case when the "Grail Codes" were introduced to the Earth by Yeshua and Mariam, also known as Jesus and Mary Magdalene. And yes, what better place to send a "course correction" for the Dream than to that place where the distortion originally occurred.
The work of The Sacred Grail couple, the Twin Flame souls, was to reintroduce the "story" of the Law of One, through Unconditional Love and Peace and Abundance. The message of the Grail is Self-empowerment, the power of the Light within, and yes....the power to Dream your own Dream and not to give that power to those who demand it of you through the distorted power of Duality. You are the Grail, you are the vessel of Gold that carries the energy of the Divine Source. You are the one who can "dream" Divine Consciousness into Reality through your own ability to be a part of the hologram through active and conscious Co-creation.
The function of the "Twin Flame" energy or story is to heal the energies of duality, where the "two" were oppositional, and to allow them to become complementary aspects of the same One Energy. By experiencing that energy both within the self and through a sacred union with another person, the wounds of duality could be healed. Each person could once again find The Harmony of the Law of One within themselves again. This has been the importance of the Activation of the Grail Codes within the New Earth energy field right now.
But, to look back on history, we can see that the energy of duality and the "insert" took over the "Christ" story as well. The role of the Feminine was lost, and the Divine Feminine was reduced to a mother or a harlot. The Divine Masculine energy became a Warrior, and the central image of Christianity became a tortured man on a Cross. And so, the initial energy of the Christ was taken up into the insert story, and Heru became Jesu, the Warrior of Light who killed and perpetrated violence in the name of the "Light". And so, fast forward, through centuries of Crusades, witch burnings and inquisition, to the "Valley of Elah" in the 21st century.
But, the power of the old dream is falling away. People everywhere are waking up and beginning to feel the powerful energies of the Harmony of One, as the Law of One, which is the Law of the Higher Dimensions, is re-established on the Planet. What we are seeing and feeling right now, is the disintegration of the old "nightmare", as the duality reality crumbles away and is replaced by the Harmony of the Law of One.
The Divine Masculine and Feminine and the Harmony of One
As we once again move into the Law of One and the Higher Truths of Cosmic Light, we are allowing the balance of Light to return. We are allowing the Divine Feminine to be a powerful force in our society, and allowing the voice of women to emerge. We are allowing men to move away from the distorted "warrior" image and to embrace the power of the Leader who can nurture and care for others, and defend the Light through Love and Creativity.
As we move into the New Earth, the New Dream is ready to flow through the New Grids that we have set up in our work with Spirit. The old will crumble, because the old "Dream machine" no longer works. We have redesigned ourselves so that each one of us is a transmitter for the Divine Light and the Divine Dream. The grids of Light that empower the dream lie in the hearts of each person on the Planet. It will never be necessary to give your power away to anyone who claims to "hold" your story for you. You are the one who creates your own story and your own truth, in co- creation with Spirit and others on the Planet. And, with the return of the Law of One and the crumbling of duality, very soon those who try to use the waning power of the insert will find that they have no power at all!
The Power is in You! You are the Grail!
Please, do not give your power to create to anyone or any being that claims to be more powerful than you and to know more than you. Do not allow the duality insert to be re-inserted by those who will try to maintain their ability to control. Do not allow yourself to be persuaded by anyone, but look inside yourself to see what is truth, in your own heart.
The Middle East and Africa in 2009
My feeling for 2009 is that in the wake of the crumbling of the old dreams, that these are two places on the Planet where violence and war are still producing suffering. It is here that the most Light is needed on the Grid of Hearts, where we need to send Compassion and Light unceasingly, and the seeds of the New Dream and the Law of One.
And so, it is here that I would like to introduce you to Dalry Jones, who describes herself as an "ordinary" Australian grandmother who lives in Malaysia at this time. Dalry was in Israel in 2002, and was witness to a suicide bombing. She sent me this article about her experiences and how she felt about them. I felt that this was such an absolute synchronicity with what is happening now, and so I am sharing Dalry's Story with you!

To read Dalry’s Story go to:

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